Newsletter 025

  • The Zero Conditional — We use it to talk about repetitive actions that regularly happen (they happened in the past, they are still happening, and they will continue to happen in the future).
  • The First Conditional — We use it to talk about actions that will happen in the future (the event (or more of them) hasn’t happened yet, and is not happening now, but will happen in the future under the conditions that we set).

The Second Conditional

Taking into consideration that we already have two patterns that we can use when we want to talk about the present or the future, the second conditional introduces a chance for us to express ourselves differently.

  • When I come home, I will eat lunch — which means that it is only a matter of time when I will eat lunch and that I am sure that this action will happen.
  • If I practice the conditionals, I will understand them better. — meaning that I believe that I will understand them with more practice and that there aren’t any impossible obstacles that I cannot overcome.
  • If Veloja practices the conditionals, he will understand them better. — If we create a sentence like this one, we want to express that we truly believe that it is easy for our friend Veloja to learn the conditionals and that he will manage to master this skill. (the 1st Conditional)
  • If Veloja practiced the conditionals more, he would understand them better. — However, if we create a sentence like this one, we want to express that we don’t believe in our friend Veloja (because he is not practicing the conditionals enough) and that we think that it will be very hard for him to tame the conditional beast. (the 2nd Conditional)
  • If I had a heart, I could love you; If I had a voice, I would sing. — But Ragnar doesn’t have a heart, so he can’t love Lagertha. Just as Srko doesn’t have a nice voice to sing — which does not stop him, unfortunately. But we love him still!
  • If I were a boy, I think I could understand How it feels to love a girl; I swear I’d be a better man, I’d listen to her… — Since Beyonce is a girl, she needs to use the Second Conditional to teach men how to properly treat their ladies. Valid point, Queen B!
  • Daca and Šile would sing much more often if we bought a super awesome microphone. — Well, if Jeka did something about this in the near future, we would all participate and sing along.



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