Newsletter 026

  • Zero: use it to talk about regular events that repeat themselves whenever.
    If we play football, we play to win. When Tanos plays, we win.
  • First: use it to talk about one or more events that will happen in the future.
    If Tanos applies to play the next match, our defense will be bullet-proof.
    When Bane finishes this project, he will have more time for his English classes.
  • Second: use it to talk about one or more events that we don’t know if they will happen in the future; or to talk about the events that are not real at the moment of speaking:
    If Tanos came to the next game, Sreten would stop mentioning him in the newsletters.
    If Pana had a class now, his little daughter would join as well but only to show us her beautiful drawings.

The Third Conditional

So, all that is left now is to discuss the past, and that’s where the Third Conditional comes into play.

  • If Tanos had come to our previous match, he would have scored the winning goal for sure.
  • If Tanos had applied to play in our previous match, he could have prevented this newsletter from being published.
  • If Tanos had agreed to play for the team, Sreten would not have decided to dedicate the third conditional to him.



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