Newsletter 029

Daily Scrum 101

According to the definition, as described in the Scrum Guide:

  • What have I done so far? What did I do yesterday?
  • Do I have any impediments and what am I working on at this moment?
  • What am I going to do today?
  • Present Perfect Simple and Continuous; Past Simple and Continuous;
  • Present Simple and Present Continuous;
  • Future Simple and other variants.

What have I done so far?

This question sheds light on what we have done until that one specific daily Scrum meeting. That means that we need to talk about not only one day, but in the previous period, as well.
For example, if this meeting happens somewhere in the middle of a sprint, we will talk about everything we have done from the beginning of the sprint (or from some point in it) until this meeting. It is important to remember that we will not mention specific dates, because the Present Perfect Simple is not used with specific times. Additionally, we can use the Present Perfect Continuous if we are still working on a task. Here are some examples:

What did I do yesterday?

However, if we want to talk about a specific day or a specific context during which something was done, we cannot use the Present Perfect tense, as we need to switch to the Past Simple or Continuous tense:



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